Garment Finishing

Tag Removal + Printing



Custom printed or sewn in tags/labels are a great way to give your clothing or apparel a “custom” or “high end” look right from the first impression. We recommend keeping your custom tag designs to one color. Some t-shirt fabrics are thinner than others and can be more prone to having a printed tag show or bleed through the backside of the shirt. To avoid this, we recommend printing your tags in a color which will minimize the “show-through” or “bleed-through” effect. Most grey tones tend to work well on most colors.

Please be cautious not make your tag typography or words so tiny they will not be printable! (we recommend 12 point and above)


It is required by the US Government that the following information be included in all garments:

  • Size
  • % of Material
  • Country of Origin (for the garment, not your brand)
  • Care Instructions

These government requirements are non-negotiable. We are unable to print “Printed in the US” or “Processed in the US” instead of listing what country of origin the shirt is manufactured in. Custom shirt tags *must* have the country of origin’s information on the garment. If you are unaware of the information needed for the shirts you are ordering, please leave your tag files editable and add place holders for the information. When you submit your artwork, please submit the editable tag file (PSD or AI files) as well as the fonts that you used to create the tag. In most cases, its best to make sure that your fonts are ‘outlined’ in illustrator or your vector app before exporting to AI or EPS.

To find out more about these rules, please visit:

Folding and Poly Bagging


A great way to keep your products and apparel clean, neat, and organized is to have them folded and poly bagged.

Pricing ranges from $0.50 to $1.25 per shirt depending on quantity, and includes folding, poly-bagging, and size-relabeling with a size sticker. Make sure to notify us of this when asking for quotes.